Residential Immersion Program

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Take Control Of Your Future

Get The Training You Need To Move Forward

  • Sales & Negotiation Training
    Learn to use the power of effective negotiation to increase your sales & build long lasting customer relationships
  • Management & Leadership Development
    Break away from the outdated structures used in most companies by learning to empower your employees and manage remote teams effectively.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Many people think that they need more customers, when in fact what they actually need to do is take better care of the customers they already have. More customers only bring more problems when your businesses real issue is about CRM not sales. Learn now to upsell and get more referrals from your existing customers.
  • Presentations & Public Speaking
    Work with experienced instructors & coaches to make the most impact possible at your next presentation. Public speaking is something which everyone wants to be better at, learn the skills to make an impact in front of a crowd.
  • Digital Analytics & Data Visualisation
    Platforms including Google Analytics & Tableau can be extremely powerful when combined with a CRM to pinpoint your exact profit and loss points. Solve painful business problems with information.
  • Become A Professional Web Designer
    Learn to be a professional web designer at Thailand’s first accredited web design school and earn a qualification which is recognised by the Ministry of Education.
  • Become A Professional Digital Marketer
    Digital Marketing skills are some of the most sought after skills in the modern world. Learn the skills needed to work at any agency worldwide or become a ‘Digital Nomad’ working with clients on a location independent basis.
  • Business Coaching
    Do you want to increase your income, Expand your business, hire more staff, use more remote workers/VA’s? Are you unsure of how these changes will impact your business and need support to find the right way forward. Our network of successful entrepreneurs have all been through these struggles and are able to mentor you through your current difficulties.
  • Mindset Coaching
    What is holding you back right now from achieving everything that you want in life? Whatever it is has probably been engrained in your mind from early childhood and is difficult to identify and remove without professional support. Get help to destroy your demons and achieve your true potential!
  • Lifestyle Coaching
    Are you ready to make a change in your life and need some support in how to do it? Work with our network of qualified and experienced coaches to find the right way forward for you.
  • Computer Skills For Managers
    The world of IT is moving faster and faster. In order to keep up with todays modern world then you need to have a firm grasp of basic computer skills.

    Our specialised trainers will help you to learn the basics of using tools, platforms and software to make your work day much more efficient.