Adding tools to your website to enhance user experience

Adding a useful tool to your site can enhance your visitors experience and not only make them stay longer on that particular page but it will build trust in your website and encourage them to explore other parts of your site.

Take a look at the stats below which are taken from a specific page on a business services website. We added a ‘calculator’ to the page, enabling clients to answer their own FAQ and as you can see, the time spent on that page increased by 24%, the bounce rate improved by 30% and the exit rate dropped by 15% all within a six month period. Combining these metrics together gives you your ‘dwell time’ which is known to be an important factor in Googles ranking algorithim.

During this time, we were also adding internal links to other useful content and updating the layout of the page, so our tool can’t take all of the credit but I would certainly expect it have a weighty contribution towards these outstanding improvements.

increasing dwell time