1. All internal business affairs of clients (including ongoing tasks and projects) are held with utmost confidentiality before, during and after any task or project completion.
  2. All completed assets are the sole property of the client and shall not be used for gain by PDS Consulting Solutions Co.,Ltd under any circumstance without client consent.




  1. All estimated time and costs for projects and tasks are informal calculations. If the scope of a project needs further discussionPDS Consulting Solutions Co.,Ltd will contact the client to renegotiate terms.
  2. PDS Consulting Solutions Co.,Ltd will endeavour to complete all tasks/projects in a timely manner to meet deadlines and will always communicate with clarity if delays are to be expected.
  3. In the case thatPDS Consulting Solutions Co.,Ltd is working with a client on a retainer plan and wishes to cease the contract, 3 weeks’ notice is due.
  4. In the case of a retainer plan where the client wishes to cease the contract, a notice period of 3 weeks is due.
  5. If the client is unreachable/absent for longer than 15 consecutive days without prior warning,PDS Consulting Solutions Co.,Ltdwill consider the project/task abandoned and requires payment for the billable hours already rendered.





  1. Invoices issued will always list billable work and reimbursable fees for anything related to the project.
  2. Once a payment is overdue, no further work will be undertaken until it is settled.
  3. Payments are to be made by bank transfer unless otherwise agreed with the client.
  4. If the project is based on an hourly rate, then the minimum invoice is for one hour and any hours completed beyond the hourly rate will be billed in increments of 15 minutes, with time rounded up or down to the nearest quarter of an hour.
  5. Clients will be invoiced according to the schedule agreed upon and must be settled by the invoice due date. Late settlements will incur additional fees of $50 (USD) for every week past the deadline.